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  • CannaAid Full Spectrum+ Tincture CBD+CBG+CBC+CBN+D9+HHC 5000mg 6ct (Bulk)

As many are aware, cannabis comes in different strains and intensities. With each plant comes an additional strain to study; CBC is a therapeutic cannabinoid found, such as CBD and THC. CBC is non-psychotropic, meaning that you will not get high; the feeling of euphoria does not come with just CBC alone. Research of CBC and understanding it better continue to be done as there is no conclusive evidence. The foundation has been positive; research currently shows the many effects of using CBC with other cannabinoids such as CBD.

What is CBC Cannabinoid?

CBC, what is it? What can it do for me? Is CBC real? These are common questions, as many are unaware that other strains besides that can be therapeutic, hence why it is known to be a therapeutic cannabinoid; If you think we already have CBD, you are right. However, the additional effect that CBC could provide is still being studied, as more positive studies show that CBC might be more effective as a therapeutic alternative. That is what we will be focusing on throughout this page. Though more investigation is continuing to be done, the possibility that it could be helpful for other medical conditions also is what the goal or aim is. The promising effects and properties will continue to be revealed through research, but as with anything, additional research needs to be performed on the potential of CBC products.

CBC vs. CBD: How Do They Differ?

Though the names are similar, the effects differ between CBD products and CBC products in many ways. First, let's look at one quality that both strains share. These strains are considered or known to be non-psychotropic cannabinoids; what does that mean exactly? Simple, it is not THC; it will not create the same effects; The main difference that sets them apart is that CBD has had more tests and research done. CBC has just started to be researched more in recent years. To see the potential in its effects, for now, CBC is beginning to show possibilities of having even more effects than CBD. However, research is still being conducted to see the totality of its effects.

The Various Types of CBC Products

Many may not know that there are a few different cannabinoids in Hemp and marijuana. And just as there are different types or strains to be more precise, CBC comes in various forms, depending on the state in which you prefer to use it. Here at AHDIST, we offer multiple products, including CBC. Such as gummies, tinctures, and even a vape cartridge mixed with CBD and THCV.

If you are looking for something easy to take, and that you can control, why not try one of our gummies, you can buy them in bulk and they have a decadent blue raspberry flavor. Each of our gummies contains 30 mg of CBC and is 100% from Hemp, meaning that it is legal, but as always consult someone or contact us in order to answer any pending questions. Remember dosage differs from the person, do not go over the recommended quantity first, and increase to a second only after an hour and after you have had time to gauge your tolerance.

Perhaps you are not a fan of vaping? Why not try one of our tinctures? Our full spectrum tincture can be an alternative to gummies. Though this particular tincture does make use of other cannabinoids as well, the tincture contains 5,000 mg of cannabinoids in total.

Why is AHDist the Best Place to Buy Wholesale CBC Products?

Here at Alternative Health Distribution, we care about our customers and what they need. We take pride in being sure only to include products that are considered top-shelf, USA-made Hemp products. If there is ever a product that we may not carry, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we want to be sure that we can deliver what our clients are looking for. We also match on pricing! If you see the same product elsewhere, let us know, and we will match the price!

AHDist's biggest positive is having the ability to offer such products at low cost because we offer wholesale! When looking at prices, the prices are regarding buying more; when you stock up, the price goes down!

As many strains of cannabinoids are available on the market, you can be sure to find information and other products regarding the different strains. We also offer COAs of our products; if you are unsure or have questions, be sure to research and check out that portion of our site, or simply reach out! We are here to help.

CBC Wholesale FAQ

What Does CBC Do?

Through continuous research, it has been found that the hemp plant contains many different cannabinoids—some cannabinoids which have not even been discovered or researched entirely yet. Though CBC has not been getting as much attention as THC or CBD, it has promising effects that continue to be explored and is considered one of the top cannabinoids currently known. CBC is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, so it will not create a euphoric high of THC. CBC enhances or activates receptors within your body naturally, allowing for the cannabinoid to affect the body rather than having more of an effect on the mind. CBC has been shown in research to be promising as an addition, meaning it works well with the other cannabinoids; it can be thought of how THC and CBD have been blended in recent products to enhance specific effects. CBC can be an addition; in some of our products, you will see that CBC, CBD, and THC can be bonded together to create an entourage of effects that are still being researched and understood.

Does CBC Work Better Than CBD?

Like CBD, CBC will not give you any sense of euphoria. CBD And CBC are very alike in their qualities and effects for any given individual that may be looking for an alternative instead of THC. Unlike CBD, though, CBC has shown promising results of having a more effective topical application, say for acne as an example. Though more research is continuously being done, it is essential to remember any questions or concerns to ask any professional what might work best for you. Though through study, it has been noted that CBC may not be able to work entirely alone as CBD. They work better when combined since both do not have the same effects as THC; when bonded together, they create additional effects comprised on the structure of the cannabinoid. Many may not know, but any full-spectrum CBD products contain a tiny amount already of CBC. Though you always want to check if you are unsure, asking questions and researching is best when figuring out what may work for your specific needs.

How Does CBC Affect You?

CBC has been said to have the same effects as its better-known cannabinoid family member, CBD.

What is the Legal Status of CBC?

CBC is entirely legal in most countries, including the United States. However, it has to be made from Hemp. If the CBC is derived from Marijuana, then it would be considered a controlled substance in which only the states where cannabis is legal would be able to pass those thresholds. The same is said in other parts of the world that may have that same restriction. Hemp and Marijuana are very different in that one is based on the THC content, and the other has or produces less that it is not enough to be considered a controlled substance. It would be better to consult a professional to see what may or may not work for you; if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you specifically want to research. As with any natural product, not everything works for everyone, and everyone reacts differently, the same with pharmaceutical medicine.

What is the Best Way to Take CBC?

As current research has shown, CBC can be more effective when used topically or bonded with another cannabinoid such as THC or CBD.

How Will the Future of CBC Look Like?

As of right now, CBC has a promising future in coming out in the market more and more, with more products being created and more tests to conduct further research on just what else CBC can assist with in the future. Currently, current research shows extreme potential; if you find yourself wondering more about CBC, be sure to reach out and ask. We are all learning as more and more is being discovered about the effects that both Hemp and Marijuana have.

Does CBC have Psychoactive Properties?

The same as CBD, CBC does not contain any of the psychoactive properties that THC does, and as it is derived mainly from Hemp, which does not have much or any THC usually within the Sativa strain that it comes from then, it will not give you the same effects. Though some CBC can be derived from Marijuana, in that case, then the question of legality comes back into play once again since that would make it a controlled substance. If CBC is only created from Hemp, then legitimacy is not questioned, as many know, just like with CBD, which is legal.

Is CBC Obtained from Hemp?

Like THC and CBD, CBC comes from the Sativa cannabinoid family; this means that it must come from the hemp plant to remain legal within the states or even other parts of the world that share similar regulations. However, some forms of CBC can be taken from Marijuana, which does contain THC, unlike Hemp. In that case, then it would be considered something different. In the case of CBC that we use at AHDist, it is derived 100% from Hemp, though some of the products do contain other cannabinoids, as CBC has been shown to be a great addition to either CBD or THC.