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  • CannaAid CBDA + CBGA Tinctures 10ct (Bulk) 2100mg

CBGA is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids on the market. This detailed guide will provide you with all of the essential information on the CBGA cannabinoid you need to become more familiar with the cannabinoid and the various products made using CBGA.


What Is CBGA?

The CBGA cannabinoid, also known scientifically as cannabigerol acid, is a cannabinoid compound derived from the naturally occurring compound CBG found in the hemp plant. CBGA is likely the most significant compound found in the plant due to research showing it is the precursor to CBG. 

Among the cannabinoids naturally found in hemp plants, CBG is the most abundant. Scientists discovered in 1996 that CBGA was the acidic precursor to CBG and thus named it the “Mother of Cannabinoids. 

CBGA, when found naturally occurring in the plant, plays a vital role in the development of all cannabinoids and the overall health of the plant. Its main function is to serve as a trigger for plant cell necrosis, ensuring that any damaged or dead plant cells and leaves are removed. 

Since the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill, researchers have shown more interest in CBGA and have begun the process of determining the effects of the cannabinoid. It will likely take a while before any concrete data comes to light.


How Is CBGA Made?

The CBGA cannabinoid is naturally occurring in the resin trichomes of the plant. These trichomes can be identified by inspecting the leaves and flowers of the plant for glands that look like crystals. 

Trichomes produce cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as offering a means of protection for the leaves of the plant.

A more in-depth look at how CBGA is produced naturally begins with CBGA in its most basic form, hexanoic acid. This fatty acid is converted inside the plant to another compound, olivetolic acid, by way of an enzymatic reaction. 

This converted compound then interacts with several other elements present in the plant and, by way of the synthase enzymes, is eventually converted to CBGA. Once CBGA is present, other, more familiar cannabinoids can begin to derive.

The creation of CBGA in a hemp plant makes it one of the more difficult cannabinoids to extract because of the short timeframe in which CBGA exists before turning into CBG. To combat this, farmers must harvest hemp plants early so they can extract the most CBGA available.


What Does CBGA Do And How Does It Work?

The studies on the CBGA cannabinoid and its effects are still being determined. Research is still in its early stages, and little is known about how CBGA interacts with the human body. There have been links between CBGA and the endocannabinoid system of humans. 

Researchers believe that this link between CBGA and the endocannabinoid system could affect the homeostasis of the body. Until more data is confirmed, the most concrete information has been determined using tests on animals.

These tests showed effects from CBGA on the intestines and metabolism of the animals being tested. Additional tests have been done on humans to see the effects of CBGA. Nothing is confirmed, and all tests are under further review.


Most Common Ways Of Using CBGA

CBGA can be found in many of the standard forms in which other cannabinoid products are produced. This includes CBGA vape cartridges, CBGA tinctures, CBGA gummies, CBGA capsules, and CBGA tablets. All of these methods are extremely popular ways of experiencing CBGA. 

Generally, you will find that gummies and tinctures are the most common ways of experiencing the CBGA cannabinoid. That being said, CBGA is extremely accessible and offers many different options for those who wish to try another way. 

Keep in mind that heating CBGA will effectively turn it into another cannabinoid compound. This means that if you wish to experience pure CBGA, you should consider a method that does not involve direct combustion.


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CBGA Wholesale FAQ

What Is CBGA Good For?

While there is still much research needed to accurately determine the effects of CBGA, it is thought to have some influence on the endocannabinoid system in humans. The endocannabinoid system is composed of many chemical receptors in the human brain. As previously mentioned, CBGA, unlike other popular cannabinoids like Delta-9 and CBD, has not been studied as extensively, so there is still much to learn. For now, researchers are interested in CBGA’s potential as a natural inhibitor.  One thing that is known for sure about CBGA is that it has the ability to be turned into other popular cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA. This has been its most apparent use for the time being. Until more research is confirmed, there is little more information regarding direct effects.  With the Farm Bill of 2018 clearing the way for more research, it likely won't be long before CBGA has a more concrete list of uses and effects.

Is CBGA In Hemp Seeds?

CBGA will not be present in a hemp plant until very early in the life of the plant and will diminish as it gets older, and the CBGA is turned into CBG. While this indicates a certain level of CBGA in hemp seeds, it will not typically produce a significant amount of CBGA.  There are specially cultivated CBG hemp seeds that you can purchase, which, when sprouted, will contain much higher levels of CBGA than you would typically find in a hemp plant. When planted, there is said to be up to 15 percent more CBGA present than normal.  These specially cultivated seeds were necessary for CBGA and CBG farmers, who found it difficult to produce with the low CBGA yields of their hemp plants. Standard hemp seeds that you can purchase will likely contain less than 5 percent CBGA.  These special seeds have made it much easier to harvest CBGA from hemp plants and will eventually lead to more products being produced.

Will CBGA Get You High?

While studies on the effects of CBGA on the human body are still indeterminate, there is strong evidence to suggest that CBGA will not produce any type of "high." CBGA does not contain any form of psychoactive compound commonly found in other cannabinoids.  Research shows that CBGA is extremely water-soluble and lacks the capability to breach the blood-brain barrier. Instead, CBGA has piqued the interest of researchers due to its potential for utilization in the medical industry.  As previously mentioned, no research regarding CBGA or potential effects on the human body has been confirmed.  It is likely that in the future, more information will come to light and paint a broader picture of the effects of CBGA and the effects, if any, that humans can gain from it. Until then, the general consensus is that CBGA will not produce any form of “high” effect. 

How Does CBGA Make You Feel?

The effects of CBGA will vary depending on the individual. Generally, most people report no difference in how they feel. This is likely due to the way CBGA is thought to interact with the body. CBGA is broken down on a molecular level and causes effects so slight they might not be noticed.  Research shows that to experience any significant change in the body due to CBGA, it will need to be exposed to the body long-term. This will allow the compound to build up in your system and begin to take effect more easily.  Since CBGA does not contain any psychoactive compounds, you will not be able to experience any sort of “high” from the effects of CBGA. Since research still has a long way to go before determining exactly the effects of CBGA, you should ask someone you know who is experienced with it what to expect. 

How Is CBGA Different From CBG?

CBGA is the acidic precursor from which CBG is naturally derived. While there is still much research to be done regarding the similarities and differences between CBGA and CBG, some key differences have been identified. The main key difference is the amount of each cannabinoid that is readily available in the plant. CBGA, while low in abundance, can be found in larger amounts early in the plant's life. This makes CBGA easier to harvest.  On the other hand, CBG is much rarer in the plant once it has been converted from CBGA and begins being naturally converted to other, stronger cannabinoids. This means that to harvest CBG, the timing must be precise, or else there will be none left in the plant.  CBGA and CBG have more similarities than differences. They are both low in abundance when found naturally occurring in the hemp plant and notoriously difficult to extract. They also both lack any psychoactive properties commonly found in other cannabinoids.  More time will be needed to explore the differences between CBGA and CBG. Researchers are hard at work studying these compounds and will likely have more information to offer in the future. 

Does CBGA Interact With Any Medication?

It is not currently known if CBGA will cause any adverse or positive interactions with medications. Since little research has been done on humans regarding the effects of CBGA, it will likely be some time before there is more concrete information regarding medication interactions.  If you are unsure if CBGA will interact with any form of medication that you are taking, you should consider abstaining from experiencing any CBGA products until more information is known. You will therefore not experience any side effects from CBGA or your medication. 

Is CBGA Legal?

When it comes to the legality of CBGA, you can think of it much like CBD, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. Any product made with this chemical compound is totally legal for manufacturing, sale, and consumption—so long as it doesn’t exceed the mandated THC level, which is currently set at no more than 0.3 THC.  That being said, the individual states have the right to set their own rules in place for how to handle products derived from hemp. There are only a handful of states that have enacted their own laws to cover hemp-related issues. These states and their statutes will be detailed below:  Arizona: Arizona has an affirmative defense system in place to handle hemp-related issues like possession of CBGA. This means that it will be up to the defendant to prove that they were within their rights to possess said products by providing medical documentation.  Delaware: Delaware law states that only medically registered patients can be in possession of hemp products like CBGA.  Hawaii: Hawaii law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokable, ingestible, or supplemental form.  Iowa: Iowa law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokable, ingestible, or supplemental form.  Idaho: Idaho law states that no one may be in possession of products that have labeled THC that is visible.  Louisiana: Louisiana law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokable, ingestible, or supplemental form.  Massachusetts: Massachusetts law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokable, ingestible, or supplemental form.  Montana: Montana state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or supplement form. New Hampshire: New Hampshire state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or supplement form. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or supplement form. Utah: Utah state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or smokable form.  Kansas: Kansas has some of the most restrictive hemp laws in the US. Only hemp used in industrial settings is legal, and all edible and smokable hemp products are still considered illegal.  Washington, D.C.: Washington, D.C., law states that any products derived from hemp are considered hashish. The term "hashish" was not covered under the 2018 Farm Bill and thus makes all hemp-derived products like CBGA still illegal.  If your state was not mentioned above, then CBGA will be perfectly legal in your state for the time being. Keep in mind that the laws could change at any time. You should keep up with your state's law regarding cannabinoids to ensure that you do not wind up in any trouble. 

How Do You Get CBGA?

You can purchase CBGA online or in-store if you live in a state where hemp products are totally legal. The best way to get CBGA is online, from websites like ours. Often, you'll find better prices and more options online.  It may also be more difficult to source CBGA from in-store establishments in your area. Since CBGA is not as popular as many other cannabinoid products, you are less likely to find reputable quality brands while shopping in your area. This makes websites like ours great for those who do not have a place to purchase CBGA in their area.

Can I Get CBGA In Bulk & Wholesale With Alternative Health Distribution?

At Alternative Health Distribution specializes in the bulk and wholesale distribution of quality CBGA products. We have one of the largest online selections currently available and offer steep discounts when purchasing CBGA wholesale or CBGA bulk.  Alternative Health Distribution has built up a strong reputation with the cannabinoid community and offers products from many major brands in the industry. There is no better place to buy CBGA products, as we offer excellent prices, stellar customer service, and a selection of only the highest quality products.