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Hemp-derived cannabinoid shatter is a crystallized form of cannabinoid oil created by extracting cannabinoids from legal industrial hemp plants. After extraction, the compounds and plant material is purified with a solvent before being exposed to varying levels of heat and cold until the desired viscosity and texture are reached.

Although different types of shatter may vary in appearance, most forms share a translucent sheen with a brittle quality. Some shatter has more flexibility depending on the parts of the plant used, the cannabinoid compounds concentrated, and how it was extracted and refined.

While shatter products are sold through dispensaries nationwide and quite common in the medical cannabis industry, they are now gaining popularity among users looking for hemp-derived cannabinoid shatter that is potent but won't cause a psychoactive effect.

This is why Delta 8 shatter is growing in popularity. This cannabinoid shatter product offers users the effects of delta 8 THC, a rare but extremely potent cannabinoid sourced from hemp plants containing high amounts of CBD. Like most cannabinoids, Delta 8 is believed to work best with additional plant compounds known as terpenes.

Why Choose AH Distribution to Buy Delta 8 Shatter Bulk?

At Alternative Health Distribution, we believe that access to affordable, effective, and safe cannabinoid products should be a human right. As such, we endeavor to provide cannabinoid users with the best products available from reputable brands known for their commitment to quality, consistency, transparency, and safety.

As a distributor for some of the best Delta 8 shatter manufacturers worldwide, AH Distribution is committed to offering the best prices possible on our full range of products. We do this by bearing product costs directly without adding exorbitant retail markups to avoid making Delta 8 shatter prohibitively expensive for most consumers.

For those who wish to buy the best Delta 8 shatter online, we offer an extensive catalog of products for sale in a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains to meet the needs of consumers who seek to experience the positive effects of cannabinoids.

All products we sell at AH Distribution meet our highest standards and carry reports from full third-party lab tests, which may be found on our website or via scannable QR codes on the product's packaging. These lab reports verify potency, cannabinoid content, and safety for consumers who wish to make an educated decision before making a purchase.

Available for retail or wholesale Delta 8 shatter purchases, Alternative Health Distribution is your one-stop shop for high-quality cannabinoid products grown from federally legal, organic USA hemp.

Delta 8 Shatter Bulk FAQ

Is Delta 8 Shatter Federally Legal?

Yes. Changes to hemp production laws in 2018 allowed for the nationwide legalization of growing hemp containing less than .3% THC. As such, products produced from these industrial hemp plants are fully legal for sale throughout all 50 states in the USA. Because Delta 8 shatter is sourced from cannabinoids naturally occurring within these hemp plants, it is also legal to buy, possess, consume, and distribute Delta 8 shatter in all 50 states. Currently, there are no legal repercussions for the distribution, sale, purchase, or consumption of Delta 8 THC shatter, each state may have its own unique laws regarding this specific cannabinoid compound. Therefore, we suggest conducting your own research and learn about the current law before attempting to purchase or ship Delta 8 shatter products from Alternative Health Distribution.

Is Delta 8 Shatter Safe To Use?

The short answer is yes. Not one death or serious injury has been linked to the consumption of Delta-8 shatter or Delta 8 THC products. Delta 8 shatter is sourced from hemp plants grown using sustainable farming practices. In addition, reputable manufacturers use advanced refinement processes to ensure that the final product is free from harsh chemicals, harmful microbes, mold, mildew, pesticides, and other contaminants. While Delta 8 shatter is considered stronger than other forms of cannabinoid products, it is also regarded as safe to use - proven by the thousands of satisfied customers who purchase Delta 8 shatter products from AH Distribution.

How Do I Vape Delta 8 THC shatter?

Vaping Delta 8 THC shatter will require specialized equipment, such as a dab rig or vape pen designed specifically for concentrates. Delta 8 shatter is too viscous to vape using traditional vaporizers designed for dry herbs or hemp cannabis oil. If you are using a dab rig, simply break off a very small piece of shatter and place it on the rig plate. Then, heat the plate with a torch lighter and inhale the resulting vapor through the mouthpiece. If using a specialized vaporizer with concentrate attachment, break off a small piece of shatter and load it into the heating chamber. Turn on your vaporizer and wait until the notification light signals that the Delta 8 THC shatter is ready to be vaporized. Inhale slowly and repeat as necessary.

Is Delta 8 Shatter Strong?

Compared to other Delta 8 THC products, shatter containing pure Delta 8 THC concentrate could be considered strong. Because of the unique process of making the shatter, this form of Delta 8 THC oil contains up to 99% pure cannabinoid, giving it a higher concentration than comparable forms. Of course, the strength of any product varies from person to person, and this should always be taken into consideration before consuming any cannabinoid substance. To understand how Delta 8 shatter affects you, it is recommended to begin with small doses and carefully monitor your use little by little until you reach your desired (or tolerable) effect.

What is the Amount of THC in Delta 8 Shatter?

Since Delta 8 is sourced from hemp plants, it will contain virtually no trace of THC. Legal requirements for hemp grown in the USA mandate less than .3% THC in the plant. With the additional refinement processes that go into making Delta 8 THC shatter, most of the erroneous cannabinoid compounds are removed, leaving 99% pure Delta 8 THC crystal. If you are unsure what level of cannabinoids are in your Delta 8 shatter product, be sure to read the lab reports included with the products. These reports will detail what levels of cannabinoids are detectable in the product so that users can decide what form of Delta 8 THC product is best for them.

Does Delta 8 Shatter Work For Dabbing?

Yes. Delta 8 shatter does work for use in dabbing rigs. However, be aware that dabbing shatter may result in a far more intense experience than vaping. First-time users may find that the dab hit is much stronger than they are used to with other types of cannabinoid products. Dabbing may result in a more powerful experience than vaping, which is why it is important to start small and increase your dose slowly until the desired effect has been achieved.

What is the Best Way to Smoke Delta 8 Shatter?

The best way to smoke Delta 8 shatter will be through a specialized vaporizer or a dab rig. Both of these devices are designed to handle the high heat and viscous texture of Delta 8 THC shatter without causing damage to the smoking device. It is not recommended to use shatter in hand pipes, bongs, or in joints as the shatter will be too viscous to handle. Delta 8 THC shatter is best used sparingly with higher quality devices that can withstand high heat and heavy use of concentrated cannabinoids.

How to Use Delta 8 Shatter?

It's best to use Delta 8 shatter in small amounts by breaking off pieces with a dab tool or small scoop. This will prevent using too much Delta 8 THC shatter at once, which can result in a very intense experience. Also, when using it in a vape pen or dab rig, be sure to use caution when heating it, as its consistency is similar to hot maple syrup. This makes it easy to overheat and burn the concentrate if not careful. Be careful when breaking off pieces, as shatter can be very brittle and difficult to handle. Keep in mind that this is a high-potency cannabinoid concentrate. Only use the smallest amount possible for an effective Delta 8 THC experience.

Is Delta 8 Shatter More Potent Than Wax?

Both Delta 8 THC shatter and wax cannabinoid concentrate offer similar potencies when consumed. Both are made using similar processes to refine and concentrate cannabinoid content into thick, viscous material. This depends on which parts of the plant and what cannabinoids are concentrated into the final product. For example, shatter or wax made from Delta-9 THC would be stronger than shatter or wax made using Delta-8 THC.

Is there a Side Effect to Using Delta 8 Shatter?

Users often choose Delta 8 shatter because of its potent, powerful, and fast-acting effects. While considered safe to consume, it isn't without side effects common to other types of cannabinoid consumption, such as dry mouth, upset stomach, or lightheadedness. However, these side effects are considered normal and usually dissipate after a few uses of the product. If you ever experience a severe reaction to using Delta 8 THC shatter, it is recommended to lower your dosing or stop using Delta 8 THC shatter in lieu of other more tolerable forms of Delta 8 THC products.

What Is the Difference Between Delta 8 Shatter and Wax?

The fundamental difference between the two is their consistency. Shatter products tend to be more brittle, while wax products are soft and malleable. These differences make shatter a better choice for vaping, while wax is generally preferred for dabbing. Additionally, shatter is considered to have a less powerful odor compared to wax. This may make it a better choice for those who do not like the smell of cannabinoids or prefer a hemp-derived cannabinoid product that is more discreet to use. Furthermore, wax tends to break down faster than shatter because of its softer texture and tendency to melt when heated. Shatter, on the other hand, retains its structure better which means it usually has a longer shelf life when compared to wax.

Is Delta 8 Shatter the Same as Dabs?

Dabs are the general term for products such as Delta 8 THC shatter or wax. The term 'dabs' refers to the process by which cannabinoids are consumed and could refer to either a wax or shatter product. To do a dab, a specialized smoking device called a dab rig is used to smoke shatter, wax, distillate, and other forms of highly concentrated cannabinoid products that are too thick to be smoked using traditional methods such as hand pipes, bongs, and joints.

How Much THC is in a Gram of Shatter?

Most shatter products contain the pure cannabinoid advertised on the package. For example, Delta 8 shatter for sale at AH Distribution contains >99% Delta 8 THC in each gram of shatter. Our shatter dabs for sale are independently lab tested to prove this, and the results of every report may be found on our website, on every product page. Other manufacturers selling Delta 8 shatter bulk and retail products may have other chemicals and cut agents mixed in with their products to improve the texture, appearance, and taste. It is up to each manufacturer to label their product as accurately as possible. We recommend asking the manufacturer you wish to purchase from for lab results and potency reports before buying a product.

Can I Purchase Delta 8 Shatter Wholesale?

Yes. At AH Distribution, you can purchase Delta 8 shatter wholesale or directly from the producer. We are importers of 3rd party Delta 8 shatter products consisting of over 300 wholesale items, including Delta 8 shatter bulk quantities and individual grams. To get price quotes on Delta 8 shatter bulk wholesale purchases, simply create an account and message our customer service team for assistance.