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    Delta 8 THC + THCV Blue Razz Gummies Bulk – 10MG each (8ct)

If you thought that there were only CBD and THC in your hemp, you’d be wrong. The cannabis plant contains over one hundred different cannabinoids, each offering unique effects that make the plant the way it is today. One of those cannabinoids, THCV, is quickly gaining popularity in the world of cannabis because of its novel effects and properties. Specifically, more consumers are falling in love with THCV gummies, how they taste, and how they work.

What Do THCV Gummies Do?

THCV gummies are candies with varying levels of THCV. THCV is short for tetrahydrocannabivarin and it is another one of the many THC derivatives in the cannabis plant. If you haven’t heard of THCV, that’s because it only occurs naturally in the plant in very small amounts — so small, that they’re usually undetected when consumed. High THCV strains do exist; however, they are a bit difficult to come by.

THCV gummies, then, allow you to get your dose of THCV in a tasty, concentrated form. These products are perfect for consumers who enjoy the effects of cannabinoids but don’t necessarily want to smoke them, like with vapes or flower. Edibles like THCV gummies, on the other hand, allow for a potent dose with delicious flavors. What else could you ask for from an infused treat?

After you consume a THCV gummy, you can start to experience its effects 1-2 hours later. The specific effects of this cannabinoid vary from person to person. Technically, THCV does have psychotropic properties; however, you have to consume very high amounts to experience this effect. Instead, most people only ever feel the supportive side of the compound, not the intoxicating one.

These psychoactive effects are important to keep in mind before consumption. Again, this isn’t likely to happen unless you take a really strong dose, and even then your body still may not pick up on the intoxicating effects. Thus, people turn to THCV for the support it gives without causing them to feel high.

What is the Difference Between THCV & THC?

Even though their names sound similar — and their chemical compositions are almost identical — THCV and THC are two different cannabinoids. Essentially, you can think of THCV as the analog version of THC.

Statistically, THCV is only about 25% as potent as delta-9 THC. That is why you have to consume so much more of it to get those psychoactive effects. So, when you compare the cannabinoids, THC is going to be much more intoxicating and full of psychotropic effects than THCV. THCV is better known for its stimulating, energizing properties and non-intoxicating results. That’s why you may even hear them being called “THCV energy gummies”!

Interestingly enough, there is strong evidence that THCV is a “CB1 receptor antagonist,” which means that it may be able to counteract some of the less appealing effects that traditional THC can bring, like munchies or paranoia. Thus, when these two cannabinoids work together, they may be able to create a much more worthwhile experience for your wellness.

A huge difference between THC and THCV, though, is how prevalent it is within cannabis strains. As we know, THC is the most abundant psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. On the flip side, THCV is so minor and few strains (minus African strains) have high THCV levels. So, you’re a lot more likely to naturally experience the effects of THC than THCV when consuming cannabis.

Why You Should Try THC-V Gummies

THCV gummies are the perfect option for practically any cannabis consumer — new, old, experienced, or inexperienced. These gummies are both delicious and potent, and they won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed with psychoactivity. Instead, they are a wonderful option for helping you feel more internally balanced and ready for the day. Plus, there’s no smoking involved, so you can consume them practically anywhere you go, at any time.

Every cannabis consumer should try THCV gummies because of the unique experience they can bring. Their effects are unlike delta-9 THC’s and even differ significantly from delta-8 THC and CBD. Truly, you haven’t had anything like the supportive effects of THCV.

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of feeling overly intoxicated after your cannabinoid consumption, then THCV is the compound for you. You’ll likely notice the helpful effects of THCV, but you won’t feel yourself being overwhelmed by the feeling of being high. Instead, simply stick to a low dose of THCV and you can embrace the supportive properties it brings.

THCV is federally legal in the United States, making it a great cannabinoid for those who don’t have ample cannabis access in their areas. And, here at Alternative Health Distribution, we ship our products all across the country.

Why Alternative Health Distribution is the Best to Buy THCV Gummies Wholesale

If you’re looking to buy THCV gummies wholesale from the best, most reputable sources, then look no further than AHDist. Alternative Health Distribution has a huge selection of some of the best THC-V edibles on the market. We’re proud to feature brands like CannaAid, who have been crafting top-shelf cannabinoid products for years.

When you shop for THCV gummies for sale, you never really know what might come up. That’s why important to purchase your THCV energy gummies from trustworthy brands that place importance on their products’ quality. If you come across a brand that claims to be pure but doesn’t offer their third-party lab-test results, that’s a sign to try a new company. Any reputable brand will have their COAs available for any consumer to view, especially before making a purchase.

You have the choice of purchasing a few products at once, or you can purchase THCV gummies bulk. THCV gummies bulk is a great option for those who want to stock up on high-quality THCV gummies wholesale for their own customers.

Here at Alternative Health Distribution, we understand that you want to see the quality of your THC-V gummies before you buy them. That’s why our third-party lab-test results are always accessible on our site.

Along with being high-quality and trustworthy, Alternative Health Distribution places high importance on our customer service, as well as our prices. We want all of our customers to have the best experience possible and be able to afford whatever product piques their interest the most. If you have any questions about our products, pricing, shipping, or something totally different, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help.

THCV Gummies Wholesale FAQ

How legal are THCV gummies on the federal level?

THCV gummies are 100% federally legal as long as they follow certain guidelines. The 2018 Farm Bill states that hemp and hemp-derived products are legal for sale and consumption in the United States if they do not contain more than 0.3% THC. At this amount, the THC is too minimal to create psychoactive effects; thus, the government has deemed it safe. This means that hemp-derived THCV gummies with 0.3% THC or less are federally legal in the US. Unfortunately, some states have placed bans or created their own regulations on certain cannabinoids, and THCV is legal in a few states. Currently, the cannabinoid is illegal in the following places: Alaska Arizona Arkansas Colorado Delaware Idaho Iowa Mississippi Montana New York Rhode Island Utah Vermont

Is it safe to take THCV gummies?

When you buy THCV gummies, you need to make sure you’re purchasing them from quality, reputable sources like Alternative Health Distribution. If you fail to buy THCV gummies from trustworthy brands, you may find yourself having an unpleasant experience. To avoid this, make sure you check a brand’s third-party lab-test results before purchasing. These COAs will show you any impurities that might be in the product, as well as specific cannabinoid levels. If you cannot find these results, that is a red flag: every cannabinoid brand should have these available. Do not buy THCV gummies from brands without test results or that don’t mention their extraction techniques or sourcing. All of this is important information regarding the quality of a THCV gummy and not having it makes it impossible to make informed decisions. Purchasing THCV gummies from high-quality sources like Alternative Health Distribution is the best way to have a productive, comfortable, and potent THCV gummy experience without any worrying or second-guessing.

Do THCV gummies make you high?

Technically, yes, if you consume a very high dosage of THCV, you may experience THC-like effects. However, typically, no: THCV gummies will not make you high. In low and mild doses, you aren’t going to feel any intoxication, and you won’t be high at all. But, it’s important to remember that highly concentrated and highly potent THCV products may make you feel a bit intoxicated, as THCV is considered a psychotropic cannabinoid.

Do THCV gummies have any psychoactive properties?

Yes, THCV gummies do have psychoactive properties, though they are very mild. Most people do not notice the psychoactive effects of THCV because they aren’t potent enough in low and mild doses. The cannabinoid only produces THC-like effects in high doses. But, because THCV has psychoactive properties and is a THC derivative, you want to be careful about consuming it before a drug test. Though the compound is primarily supportive, drug tests are looking for THC specifically. Thus, the cannabinoid’s similarity to THC may trigger the drug test and say you are positive for THC. So, to avoid trouble, it’s best to stop consuming THCV until after you’ve passed your drug test. In the meantime, you can always turn to products like broad-spectrum CBD, instead.

When will the THCV gummies begin working?

How long THC-V gummies take to work begins on various consumer factors. You have to consider things like the edible’s composition, the consumer’s metabolism, and even the strength of the gummy. In general, though, most people have to wait between 1-2 hours for effects. Some THCV edibles are made using unique processes that enhance their bioavailability. This means they can easier break down in the body and create effects faster. If you have gummies like these, you won’t have to wait too long — probably about 45 minutes or so for effects. But, you’ll know from the packaging itself whether you bought gummies like these. Your metabolism also plays a big part in how quickly your gummy starts to work. If you’re someone with a really fast metabolism, the THC-V gummy may be able to break down quicker and get to work within about an hour. But, those with slower metabolisms will likely have to wait a bit longer than that for effects. That’s why patience is key with THCV edibles. When you consume THCV gummies, you should always be mindful of the onset time of these products. They are going to take the longest of any THCV product to start working, but the effects will last hours longer. So, make sure you wait several hours before deciding to take another dose of THCV if you don’t think the first one was strong enough.

What is the recommended amount of THCV gummies I should take?

If you’ve never had THCV gummies before, you should start with about half a gummy, depending on the potency. Typically, anywhere between 5-10 mg is a good starting dose, though every person is different. Starting with a low dose like that is a good way to see how THCV affects you and if you like it. If you find that this dose isn’t strong enough for your liking, you can take either the full gummy (if you didn’t the first time) or two gummies if you took one full one originally. The choice is yours.

Do THCV gummies give you a long-lasting high?

The effects of THC-V gummies are longer-lasting than any other THCV product. The way that edibles work in the body makes their effects last for hours, typically for about 4-8 hours at a time. With THCV, you won’t necessarily feel high that entire time, but you will get to experience the effects of the cannabinoid throughout those hours. THCV gummies are the best product to enjoy if you want effects for hours longer than your typical vape, flower, or even tincture.

What do you feel like after taking THCV gummies?

The way that you feel after consuming THC-V gummies will vary from person to person. Many consumers find that THCV gummies are energizing and help them feel more stimulated and even creative. For some, this means that morning or midday THCV consumption is ideal. You may feel a variety of things after taking THCV gummies, but it simply depends on what support your body needs most at that time. You simply will not know how THCV gummies affect you until you try them for yourself, as every person’s experience is unique. Once the effects of your THCV gummies have worn off, you don’t have to worry about feeling groggy or hungover. You will likely go back to feeling how you did prior to THCV gummy consumption, maybe even better. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about any crashes or negative emotions post-effects. That is why low, slow consumption is key.

Are THCV gummies strong?

Compared to delta-9 THC, THCV gummies have about a quarter of the cannabinoid’s potency. Compared to delta-8 THC, these products are about half as potent. Thus, they aren’t the strongest THC products on the market; instead, they’re well-known for their more subtle, gentle effects. People enjoy THC-V gummies because the effects aren’t incredibly strong and overwhelming, making them ideal for those who are either newer to the world of cannabinoids or who don’t necessarily enjoy feeling high. However, THCV gummies can be strong depending on the potency of the product you buy. Make sure you pay attention to milligrams to ensure you aren’t buying extra-strong edibles when you just want something mild. Low doses go from about 5-20 mg, while mild is about 25-50 mg. Anything higher than that is strong.

Is it possible to take CBD gummies with THCV gummies?

Yes, you can definitely take CBD gummies with THCV gummies. In fact, many gummies come with both CBD and THCV inside, as the combination of the two cannabinoids makes for a more effective experience. This is because of a phenomenon called the entourage effect. The entourage effect states that the compounds within cannabis work their best when they’re all paired together. So, essentially, THCV works well on its own, but when paired with other cannabinoids like THC and CBD, it’s going to produce even fuller, better results for the consumer. So, combining gentle cannabinoids like CBD with THCV is a great option for those wanting to get an even fuller spectrum of results from their THCV gummies. However, you want to make sure you are not consuming too many cannabinoids. Keep track of how much CBD and how much THCV you’re consuming. Instead of taking one edible of each, it might be best to find an edible that simply has both cannabinoids.