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  • CannaAid CBDA + CBGA Tinctures 10ct (Bulk) 2100mg

Many may be aware of CBD, but did you know that CBDa is what CBD is derived from? Though not much is known of CBDa right now, it seems there is promise in how it can help an individual as much as its famous counterpart.

CBDa is what CBD is before it undergoes decarboxylation. What is decarboxylation? What is known about CBDa? Both of these questions any individual would be asking after discovering this cannabinoid.

There are many questions to explore, as cannabis enthusiasts and the science community will bring up. Though research is still being done, little information is available. Still, we learn something new every day about potential effects through additional lab research. Within this page, we are going to explore the many questions and concerns over this variant of hemp or marijuana, but it may not be what you think, and this may help in your research for some form of cannabis that could work for you.

What is Cannabidiol Acid (CBDa)?

CBDa, also known as cannabidiolic acid, is one of many cannabinoids from marijuana and hemp plants. Though, what many are familiar with is CBD, which comes from CBDa through a heating process. This can be done by cooking, lighting, or baking on a pan; which then, in turn, changes the chemical makeup of CBDa, thus turning it into CBD.

Though research is still too early to give conclusive evidence, there is no efficient way to consume CBDa through vaping or smoking but rather only through ingestion and topical application.

Did you know that CBDa may also have properties that could be effective? Though not enough research has been conducted to have conclusive evidence, there is hope that this could be used similarly to CBD and CBC. Like other cannabinoids going through scientific research, there have been promising results showing that it can be an additional therapeutic option.

CBDa is from growing plants in their raw form, untempered by the heat of any kind, meaning that it is not something that can be transformed to smoke or vape.

If you are unsure or uncertain, be sure to research online and see what may be the right strain for you or to speak to a professional, and before trying anything, check the legality within your state or country.

How Do You Utilize CBDa?

The potential effects and uses are still being researched as there is not much known about this particular compound. CBDa is found mainly on hemp plants, as it has a lower concentration of THC, if not any. CBDa, though still being researched, has shown possibilities of having therapeutic properties.

That being said, it can still be found on the marijuana plant as well as it is growing, though, over time, as the plant continues to get bigger or taller, the content amount of CBDa starts to dwindle; this is very research needs to be conducted in ways to preserve or utilize CBDa with other variant forms.

Those therapeutic properties and what they are precisely are not well known at this time; it is speculated that since CBD is created through a process from CBDa, the effects would be similar. Research and findings continue to be published, so if there are any questions or concerns, searching for the results or reaching out to a professional for more answers is recommended.

What Should I Do to Take CBDa Effectively?

Research is always necessary; every person is their own individual, and past studies have shown that different chemicals, different medicines, and even cannabis strains work differently for everyone. No one person will have the same effects as another. Where one person may say things are working well for them, another may say they are not feeling anything.

You would use CBDa in the same manner as CBD, other than you can not smoke or vape CBDa because applying heat will change the compound chemistry and turn it into CBD instead. Though through research currently being done, it has shown promising effects through a topical use rather than ingesting, which has a slower development.

How Does CBDa Get Made?

Though one would think that through a similar process as some of its other well-known family members, there is, in fact, a specific process in which CBDa is created; it can be extracted from the marijuana or hemp plant but can not be exposed to heat.

If exposed to heat, the chemistry changes, in which you shall receive CBD rather than CBDa. Like others, you can not smoke or vape this particular cannabinoid.

CBD and CBDa - Differences

Not enough information about the full effects of CBDa to any individual is available. However, what we know of CBD could shed some light on what effects CBDa could have, along with many other possibilities; at this time, research is showing the help of its ingestion.

There are still studies being done to determine whether CBDa can produce more serotonin. They should be researched if you or someone you know is interested in CBDa.

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What is CBDa’s Legal Status?

When a particular hemp strain has less than 0.3% THC, it’s considered legal in all 50 states. The same goes for CBDa. Since it is from the hemp plant, it is not going to be considered a controlled substance.

Could CBDa Be a Better Alternative to CBD?

Due to the lack of information that has still yet to be discovered for CBDa, not much can be said in regards to whether or not CBDa could be a potentially better alternative to the ever-popular CBD. Current research shows the possibility of the cannabinoid having more effects than CBD, such as having potential antibacterial properties. However, more research has to be done to get a full spectrum of what exactly CBDa can do.

Is CBDa Available for Purchase?

Yes, CBDa is available for purchase; you can find such products on the Alternative Health Distribution website in a tincture form, as this is one of the more known forms that CBDa can be taken in. If there is another brand or site that carries other products that can not be found on Alternative Health Distribution, let Alternative Health Distribution know. They take their customer's recommendations and satisfaction seriously.

How Does CBDa Make You Feel?

Early research and testing show potential in the following areas that are to be listed below. These have not been proven and are still being studied extensively to provide conclusive evidence. The timeline is uncertain on when this information will be available. The following properties or effects are among some that are being explored: Antibacterial properties And other effects are also still being studied

Is CBD a Flower?

When you have fresh cut leaves and flowers but do not apply any heat to extract the CBD and THC that the plant may have, that is what is known as CBDa. So, in short, yes, CBDa is a flower, but unlike its predecessors, it can not be vaped or smoked and can only be applied topically or taken orally. Again, these claims can not be proven at this time, but as additional research comes in, we are learning how CBDa can be extra help to many people.

What is the Mechanism of CBDa in the Body?

It is very similar to the exact way the mechanism of CBD works. Heating CBDa creates CBD in a process where it activates the CBD within the plant; before heating the plant or flower, this is what is considered the raw form of CBD, known as CBDa.

Is CBDa Converted into CBD?

Yes, CBD is created when CBDa is heated or baked. This makes CBD. CBDa is known as the raw form, which, in turn, can have other potential effects other than the commonly known CBD. This is why CBDa is still being explored, as not much is known about CBDa and its full spectrum of effects.

Is CBDa Stronger Than CBD?

Though no conclusive evidence is available, more testing needs to confirm the first of many promising effects that CBDa can provide. Good results show that it is effective as an anticonvulsant and other additional effects still need to be discovered. However, in the early stages at this time, it is showing encouraging results, if not potentially more so than CBD itself. So as it stands, though there is no conclusive evidence at this time, science is hopeful that this may be a more potent option than CBD.

Does CBD Have CBDa in it?

Yes, there may not be much, but there will be some trace amount; the difference here is that CBD and THC can both be exposed to heat, and both can be used in just about any form available, whether its drops, edibles, vaping, smoking or any of the other methods. Now, you may think that since CBD is from or created from CBDa, it would have some form of CBDa within it. This, however, is not true. Like other strains of cannabinoids, when affected by heat, the chemistry changes, which in turn creates the more famously known variant, CBD. Though it can be combined in oils such as tinctures, the two will not be found together in the natural state. CBDa is the raw form, meaning that the plant can not be affected by any type of heat, or the CBDa is removed or converted. As the plant grows, the amount of CBDa lowers. This is why CBDa shows potential uses as a topical or oral substance only.

How Do You Take CBDa?

Even though there is not enough research to substantially say what effects this cannabinoid has, there are products available, and the claims and statements should always be taken as “potential.” As no direct claims can be made concerning what CBDa is fully capable of, though hopes are that it can also be an alternative to CBD. If you are an individual who prefers to either smoke or vape their cannabinoid choice, this one may not be the correct one for you. As CBDa can not be exposed to any type of heat or better known as decarboxylation, which is the process of cooking, baking, or lighting the plant, which then changes the present cannabinoid, which is CBDa on the raw plant itself, into CBD. CBDa is available in the following forms: Oil Pills Tinctures Edibles Juicing leaves And other ways that are still being discovered At this time, it can be found in the form of pills, oils, and tinctures online, and because CBDa has no levels of THC, this makes this option a legal one rather than a controlled substance. If you plan to take it orally, tinctures are recommended as they tend to be more potent than oils, pills, and edibles; however, you can find this in creams. You always want to go by the recommended dosages that the label says, or ask a professional if you feel the need to take additional. Please consult with someone in order to ensure that you are taking it correctly according to current findings and research.

Where to Buy CBDa?

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