How Do THC-O and HHC Differ?

Introduction About THC-O and HHC: How are they Different?

The two most commonly used cannabis concentrates on the market right now are THC-O acetate and HHC. Even though they are extremely popular, many people still have misconceptions about them, including what they are.

Terpenes and cannabinoids (the aromatic substances responsible for the smell of marijuana) are present in both naturally occurring HHC and THC-O, which are cannabis plant extracts. From lab to lab, the extraction procedure differs. The plant’s other components are separated from the cannabinoids using a solvent like CO2.

The extracts THC-O acetate and HHC are comparable. But the former is regarded as synthetic, while the latter is regarded as natural. One of two extraction techniques—steam or supercritical CO2 extraction—is used for both products. Here, we compare HHC and THC-O, their advantages and disadvantages, and what makes one more effective than the other.


What is THC-O?

On the other hand, acetylation of THC results in THC-O-acetate. Since it is a synthetic cannabinoid, it cannot be created in extremely pure Delta 8 or Delta 9 quantities by extracting it from the cannabis plant. As you might have suspected, THC-O has psychoactive properties. THC-O is quite strong, nevertheless, like other THC molecules, with the exception of Delta 9 and Delta 10. This substance is very psychotropic and has a strength that is roughly three times that of Delta 9.

The chemical compound THC-O is produced when tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the precursor to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is broken down. It is a synthetic cannabinoid because chemists can create THC-O by mixing THCA with sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride. This chemical mixture undergoes a chemical reaction that transforms THCA into a form that is much more active when heated. 

Despite being more potent than other THC molecules, THC-O has a unique set of effects. The high from this cannabinoid is different from the conventional high marked by giggles and munchies in that it is more contemplative and spiritual. Some THC-O users even assert that they experienced religious visions while using the drug. THC-O-acetate is thus absolutely worth trying if you’re looking for a marijuana experience that is actually distinctive. Just remember to start with a minimal dose because this substance has a lot of potencies.

This cannabis is reportedly best used orally. While there are noticeable effects from inhaling or vaping, some who eat it orally have experienced more severe results. It should be noted that THCO typically takes longer to take effect. Your body needs more time to convert it because of how it is digested. THCO should be used cautiously at first, especially if you intend to swallow it. A maximum of two hours should pass after taking it orally. Use a vape pen or tank sparingly, and wait 30 minutes before taking any more puffs. Give the effects some time to take effect.

What is THCO?


What Is HHC?

The hydrogenated version of THC is called hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC. The hydrogenation process occurs when oils are heated to a high temperature. Vegetable oil is converted into margarine using the same procedure, giving the product a longer shelf life. (Adding hydrogen atoms to a chemical structure increases its stability and is known as hydrogenating the chemical structure.)

A difficult procedure that uses a catalyst like nickel or palladium to saturate THC with hydrogen atoms under high-pressure results in HHC. THC undergoes hydrogenation, which alters its double-bond chemical structure by destroying it and substituting hydrogen for it. On the other hand, the cannabinoid’s effects and potency remain mostly intact. There are at least 10 recognized isomers of this hydrogenated THC form.

This technique has an added advantage because THC is very susceptible to oxidation and degradation. HHC has more stability than THC in its native form because the chemical structure has been altered.

THC undergoes oxidation, losing hydrogen atoms but forming two new double bonds in its place. CBN (cannabinol), which is created during this transition, only has 10% of the psychoactive activity of THC. When HHC is exposed to air, it lasts longer than THC. In comparison to THC, HHC is much more heat- and UV-resistant and loses less potency when exposed to air.

The majority of users report effects that are comparable to those of THC despite the lack of studies on HHC. Users reportedly experience certain advantageous effects. It is regarded as having about the same potency as THC. Similar to THC, consumers report adverse effects.

What is HHC?

THC-O Vs. HHC: Key Differences

The molecular makeup of THC-O and HHC is a clear point of distinction. They are made using very distinct methods. It makes reasonable sense that the outcomes would differ greatly as well. An acetylated version of THC is THC-O. THC-O Acetate has some variants but shares the same basic chemical structure as THC, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC. The double carbon bond between THC and carbon in HHC is broken as a result of hydrogenation and saturation with hydrogen atoms. HHC is stabilized and has a longer shelf life after it is replaced with hydrogen because it can withstand heat and UV exposure better.

Actually, the method used to create each cannabinoid makes HHC categorically non-synthetic. Hydrogenation is required to produce HHC in large enough quantities. However, this is still not a synthetic process since HHC occurs naturally in the plant. 

THC-O and HHC differ greatly from one another, as you can already see. It’s time to talk about how powerful each of the two is now. You might choose between the two cannabinoids using this factor.

The origins of these two cannabinoids are also different. THC-O is a synthetic version of THC that is produced by a very intricate, thorough, and resilient procedure rather than naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. On the other hand, HHC does exist in the cannabis plant naturally. It is only present in small amounts, and it is not economically feasible to extract it from such tiny amounts.

The manufacturing process is also very different. Since THC-O is a synthetic version of THC, it enters the scene after going through a lengthy procedure. CBD is extracted from hemp, a plant with a THC content of less than 0.3%. You remove Delta 8 from CBD that has been extracted. A THC ester is combined with the explosive and combustible chemical acetic anhydride. Then you obtain THC-O acetate, sometimes called THC-0.

You receive a thick, flavorless, and odorless liquid with a high level of strength. Because acetic anhydride is present, certain pieces of equipment are necessary for the procedure. It is a challenging and risky process because it is large and intricate. Therefore, it is better to avoid carrying out such procedures at home.

HHC, on the other hand, needs to be manufactured in a lab despite the fact that it occurs in natural substances. The traditional techniques entailed converting THC to HHC using acids. In the innovative process, catalysts, including iridium, palladium, nickel, rhodium, etc., are used to hydrogenate THC.


How Potent is THC-O, Exactly?

We’ve finally arrived at the fun stuff. We’ve finally arrived at the fun stuff. If it’s intoxicating, how does the high feel? What can you anticipate from THC-O potency in terms of how potent the effects are?

To the surprise of many cannabis consumers, THC-O is actually more potent than the THC found in marijuana. In fact, it may be three times as active as the THC found in marijuana, known as Delta-9 THC.

This is why it’s wise to start out with a lower dose of the new cannabis than usual. Thus, you avoid the possibility of going too far. Of course, each person is unique. You might experience cannabinoids differently than other people do. For some people, they might also work better or worse. They might also differ in strength depending on the individual.

Numerous factors, including prior cannabis usage, age, weight, and a host of others, influence each person’s tolerance to cannabinoids. You’re in for a wild ride because THC-O is three times as potent as marijuana.

You can get ready for an extreme high that can rival the high from marijuana by doing whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Despite coming from the same plant, THC-O has a lift similar to “Weed 2.0.” So, prepare ahead of time by making sure you have water and a cozy location to sit or lay down. Consider keeping some snacks on hand in case you get the munchies. It will be even more enjoyable if you have that tranquil sanctuary to appreciate while you’re high on this novel cannabinoid.

Prior to increasing your dosage, give the THC-O potency time to work its magic. Before observing the effects on your body and mind, wait at least 30 minutes. Once the effects start to take effect, you can then choose whether you want a stronger high or not.


What About HHC Potency?

We concentrate on HHC potency last. In the interim, we would like to contrast HHC’s effects with those of other cannabinoids, such as THC-O and HHC.

First of all, Delta-9 THC, the THC that is present in marijuana in the highest concentration, and HHC have similar effects. HHC is a more potent psychoactive cannabis than both Delta-8 and Delta-10. It’s similar to Delta-9 once again, so you might have a similar high as with cannabis.

The key advantage is that HHC is legal, whereas marijuana is still prohibited at the federal level. HHC is a byproduct of hemp, which was made legal by the 2018 Farm Bill. When you can’t acquire the actual plant, a hemp derivative that has the same effects will do just fine!

Overall, the potency of HHC is lower than that of THC-O. It is still more potent than the average Delta-8 THC product, though.

Often, users get a thrill. When HHC kicks in, individuals find that their outlook has improved. Additionally, it offers the same wave of effects as Delta-8. However, Delta-8 possesses a few allaying qualities. HHC seems to have more of a chill impact without having any major side effects.


THC-O Vs. HHC: Which Do You Prefer?

Right now, both cannabinoids are at the top of their game, and we’re just getting started. We understand the potential of THC-O and HHC. With our new THC-O and HHC product lines, we can now show off that potential.

The terms HHC and THC-O might be well known to you. Which would you choose to test out first? There are still many perks that hemp can provide, but both hemp compounds are worthwhile to explore. Try them separately or even jointly for a brand-new cannabis experience. Then, enjoy the fact that you’re laying the foundation for hemp’s future.


Which Is Stronger: HHC or THC O?

It’s challenging to distinguish HHC from THC-O. Despite the fact that HHC is not officially THC, heavy dosages of it can nonetheless give you a high. It has no psychotropic effects at low doses. This indicates that utilizing HHC won’t result in any negative side effects like decreased motor coordination or foggy thinking.

On the other side, consuming THCO acetate will make you high. THC-O is a distillate made from concentrates that were taken from the cannabis plant. Decarboxylation, a heating procedure, converts the molecular structure of this highly strong concentrate from THCA to THC. The THC-O concentrate can be combined with other materials like waxes and oil tinctures to create synthetic versions and new compounds used in vaping or other accessories. Concentrates are the strongest type of product taken in large quantities and contain THC-O.

HHC can be used at any time of day or night without fear of getting “stoned” or out of it because it has no intoxicating adverse effects unless you overdose. Use it to focus while working or studying without worrying about getting distracted.


Which is better: HHC vs. THC-O?

Both products, depending on what you’re looking for, are made from hemp. THC-O contains the majority of the psychoactive compound, whereas HHC only contains trace amounts of THC. This is the key distinction between cannabinoids.

THCO makes you feel high. Cannabinoids are what give marijuana its psychoactive effects. When you use marijuana, THC travels from your lungs into your bloodstream and triggers the production of the chemical dopamine in your brain cells, making you feel the desired effects.

HHC is not psychotropic. It is a naturally occurring substance in cannabis plants that does not result in a “high” when consumed or smoked. (The distinction between cannabinoids is comparable to that between alcohol and sugar.)

Your decision will therefore be based on your preferences. THC O products are generally excellent if you’re seeking a unique experience. However, products with high amounts of HHC can be more appropriate for your needs if you’re looking for other effects without getting high.


Legality of HHC

We ought to start by examining whether HHC is permissible. The same 2018 Farm Bill that legalized THCO also made HHC legal on a federal level.

HHC is now legal across the US, just like other cannabinoids produced from hemp. However, certain states and towns are stepping up their enforcement of these legal cannabinoids.

There’s a significant likelihood that HHC will gain popularity as support for federal legalization grows and marijuana becomes more well-known.


Legality of THC-O

When it comes to legalities, THCO is in the most difficult situation. Technically speaking, THCO is both an extract from hemp and a synthetic version of THC.

As a result, THCO is legitimate according to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, as THCO is a synthetic version of THC, it is likewise prohibited.

As you can see, there is some legal ambiguity surrounding THCO, making it difficult to determine whether it is legal or illegal. It will greatly depend on your local jurisdiction, which includes your state and city governments. 

The legal situation for THCO and other comparable cannabinoids will be complicated until federal legalization of cannabis products is achieved.


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High-quality, legally grown, and produced hemp-derived goods, HHC and THC-O, are both used in the cannabis industry. Your tolerance to THC and personal preferences will determine whether you choose HHC or THC-O (in terms of flavor and texture). Both products have shown to be successful when used recreationally and under the correct conditions. You can’t go wrong with either. Are HHC and THC-O permitted? How safe are HHC and THC-O? They both are, indeed! You should feel free to make a thoughtful decision now that you are armed with all the information. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or worries. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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