Peak THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-Roll (Bulk)

  • Super High Potency THCA
  • 20 Units per display box, 40 total prerolls
  • 2 prerolls per jar each 0.5g of THCA Flower
  • 4 Amazing Strains
  • Top Grade Indoor Flower
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Step into the realm of opulence with Peak’s THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-rolls. Our lavish two-pack offers 0.5g each of premium, high potency THCA rolled to perfection. Experience the dazzling power of four distinct strains, each chosen for their exceptional quality and effect. These aren’t your everyday pre-rolls – they’re a cut above, enriched with the elite essence of top shelf THCA. Every draw delivers a potent, satisfying hit, marked by the complex, rich flavor profiles of our chosen strains. For those who crave the extraordinary, Peak’s THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-rolls are your ticket to a truly transcendent experience. Elevate your game – enjoy the Diamond life.

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Sour Tsunami, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, Lime Sorbet


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